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eKum Pte Ltd is a leading global provider of telecommunication services with its significant strategic stakes in Malaysia, Pakistan, UAE, India and Bangladesh, having customer type of hundreds of international carrier partners, also known to be one of the largest growing international voice operators worldwide. We provide services to fixed- line and Mobile operators as an aggregator and thus, are not linked with the end users directly.
eKum has blazed a path across the region; terminating over 300 million across many regions i.e. Asia, Middle East, Africa, in a matter of 3 years, which makes us one of the largest Communication Carriers in Asia.  Customer base consists of World’s renowned Tier 1’s, MNO’s and MVNO’s. Over the last 3 years, we have built a robust relationship with other carriers globally providing high-quality and highly managed operations for a range of customers.



We offer high quality Retail services to our B2B clients via Direct Routes and a carefully selected supplier base. A wide-ranging product portfolio is available for our Fixed Carriers, Wholesale carriers and Prepaid operators providing exceptional and un-compromising quality at the most affordable prices and flexible payment terms. Since our services are only for those who are either an incumbent carrier or a highly screened, locally interconnected carrier, thus high quality retail termination is guaranteed.
Our top priority list of value-added services includes:

  • Easy access to top tier A-Z VoIP carriers for retail class termination
  • Cost Optimization: by providing Top notch Quality Routes to our privileged customers
  • Availability of A-Z Routes with  highest quality at all times

We ensure that the routing table is made in accordance with QoS & robust quality Statistics i.e. ACD,ASR, PDD which helps us in catering to our clientele needs and demands, also, maintaining a wide range of our clientele database which is an important asset to every organization.



eKum offers premium SMS hubbing services,with large international coverage, for both person-to-person (P2P) and application-to-person (A2P) messages.

Our SMS platform and solution support the following:

  • IP-to-SS7
  • SS7-to-SS7
  • SS7-to-IP

Our SMS hub also includes the following cutting-edge features:

  • Mobile number portability (MNP) support
  • Message segmentation support (for SMSes longer than 160 characters)
  • Per operator interoperability agreement control, through
    blacklists and whitelists
  • Routing and charging transparency assurance
  • Quality of service, usage, and performance reports
  • Anti-fraud and anti-spam control features and reports
  • Optional SS7 interoperability support for non-GSM operators


Contract in one business day; test and interconnect in 24 hours; live traffic to fill up your capacity; instant feedback; short payment terms


Live chat, individual approach to your needs, personal account manager, assistance in configuration and equipment set up; only essential paperwork


Financial discipline, payments before due date, traffic filtering, flexible payment methods, capacity and quality management, traffic stability and growth

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